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Re: [ecf-dev] Skype and ECF and Linus and not working

Hi Ted,

I will take a look at it (probably during the weekend). I will starting the tests on 32-bit linux. When I identify the problems or fix the bug, I talk to you the reason.


On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:58 PM, Ted Kubaska <ted.kubaska@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Well, I tried to run the Skype plugin on the Ganymede Eclipse/ECF and
it does not work. It works fine on Windows. And Skype works fine
standalone on Linux.

This used to work, but the last time I checked was a few months ago. I
have to admit that I mostly use Eclipse/ECF on windows.

My Linux is pretty vanilla ... Ubuntu Gutsy. I have no strange
esoteric sw running. My Eclipse is the 3.4 release.

Scott pointed me to
and that bug said I needed to add a linux fragment. (Why was this not
included in the plugin installation?) Anyway I downloaded the fragment
that was attached to the bug. There were two files, one for 32-bit
linux, another for 64-bit linux. I copied the 32-bit version to my
plugins directory. This file is Skyp on Linux still does
not work under ECF.

So what's happening? Marcelo, are you working on this bug? What can I
do to help? Right now I'll start poking around with the debugger. Any

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