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Re: [ecf-dev] Novice implements remote execution in under a week.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks much for telling us about this work...SUPER COOL!

Would you mind if I blogged about this on and planeteclipse? Or more accurately pointed to your blog or wiki (probably best to wait until you've got things written up as you described). Whatever you are comfortable with.

And thanks kindly for the nice words.

Anthony M. Harrison wrote:
A week or two ago I appeared on this mailing list asking a question that I resolved a few hours later. My goal was to build a remote execution tool for cognitive simulations. I have to say, ECF made it pretty damned easy. There were a few stumbling blocks, but the overall process was relatively pain-free given the magnitude of the functionality.

There is a screencast of it in action:

I will be putting together my thoughts on the process shortly and submitting/editing some content for the Wiki addressing the problems I did encounter.

Overall, though, Kudos to Scott and the rest of the committers. Networking has never been this pain-free.

p.s. my users really appreciate the collaborative editing and I *really* appreciated that I just had to edit plugin.xml to give it to them. :)

  Anthony M. Harrison, PhD

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