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[ecf-dev] Novice implements remote execution in under a week.

A week or two ago I appeared on this mailing list asking a question that I resolved a few hours later. My goal was to build a remote execution tool for cognitive simulations. I have to say, ECF made it pretty damned easy. There were a few stumbling blocks, but the overall process was relatively pain-free given the magnitude of the functionality.

There is a screencast of it in action:

I will be putting together my thoughts on the process shortly and submitting/editing some content for the Wiki addressing the problems I did encounter.

Overall, though, Kudos to Scott and the rest of the committers. Networking has never been this pain-free.

p.s. my users really appreciate the collaborative editing and I *really* appreciated that I just had to edit plugin.xml to give it to them. :)

  Anthony M. Harrison, PhD

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