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Re: [ecf-dev] jACT-R's plans for ECF

Hi Anthony,

Thanks very much for the note (and adding to Adopters list)! Sounds like exciting work.

Incidently, my (Scott) training was in research psychology (many moons ago). Actually, that's how I got interested in distributed systems and real-time collaboration a way to support education and training through extensible distributed simulation. So I have a very soft place in my own heart for these directions. (e.g. see at bottom of page here:

But in any event...please don't be shy about speaking up here about needs/desires/things that you want with ECF...maybe some of them are already there, and if not there yet can/could be introduced. And if you can, please let us know about developments on your project.


Anthony M. Harrison wrote:
Would you be willing to tell people on this mailing list what you are
using ECF for?  (and perhaps adding yourself to the ECF Adopters list:

I've updated the adopters list. But here's the gist:

I've built a cognitive simulation system (I'm a psychologist by training) which uses Eclipse for the IDE. I'm trying to leverage ECF to build a remote execution service for the simulations (we often run thousands of iterations of these simulations). A combination of generic server/client, discovery, file transfer and data sharing to spread the load. (and I'm really eager to see the intersection of p2 and ECF for dependency management across multiple services).

My brainstorming can be found here:

  Anthony M. Harrison, PhD

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