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[ecf-dev] ECF 2.0.0/Ganymede Final Daze

Hi Folks,

We're getting close to ECF 2.0.0/Ganymede release (June 25th) and I wanted call out a couple of things about what will/should happen this week and next:

1) We are in a full code freeze on the Release_2_0 branch. For this week, and next, please *no* changes to the code or meta-data in ANY ECF plugins hosted on The only exceptions are: a) If a critical (aka 'stop ship') bug is reported in Bugzilla (none currently exist for ECF). b) Changes to documentation *only*. You may work on the documentation in, but before you do so please make such work known to ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, so that others know what/where you are working. c) Work on HEAD (ECF 2.1). During this week, I would appreciate keeping the number of changes on HEAD down to a avoid confusion....bug if you do commit on HEAD *please* double check before commit that you are actually on HEAD and *not* the Release_2_0 branch.

2) Here is the Ganymede Final Daze document, describing the sequence of events that will happen the rest of this week and next week:

I will need to coordinate with Ted (at least) to accomplish the things needed on Tuesday (24th) given my need to travel that morning/evening to Google.

3) With ECF RC5, the final shared editing/docshare cola bugs have been addressed (yea!!):

This is *really* cool, as it gives conflict detection and distributed document model resolution as defined by Mustafa's SOC work:

4) Next Tuesday, Mustafa and I are giving a presentation at Google about shared editing and ECF:

and this week will be working on preparing for that talk, which will include:

	a) Demo/discussion of RT shared editing/docshare/cola
b) Demo/discussion of ECF discovery and remote services (along with relationship to OSGi EE work presented by Jan and Markus last week)
	c) Demo/short discussion of some other new ECF stuff (given time)

If you have something new (i.e. not in other previously presented materials) that you would like to contribute to this (e.g. slides, specifics, etc), please let me and Mustafa know as soon as possible.

5) I (and Mustafa) will be working together this week on a 15 min video demo for The demo will certainly include RT shared editing, and some of other user-level features (e.g. sharing screen capture). Not sure yet whether there will be enough opportunity for discovery and remote services demo...which I would like to do, but may not have time to actually put together.

6) *PLEASE* work on documentation for the wiki, and put it in the proper places there. Many of the links in actually go to online documents (in the wiki), so changes/additions to the wiki documents will be automatically incorporated into the ECF help/sdk docs. Even (especially) creating some screen shots of doing different things, and putting them up on the wiki will be extremely helpful.

7) We will have a hopefully *very* brief ECF conference call at 11am pacific, June 19:

to discuss/address any last second issues.

Thanks!  This is going to be a very exciting release!


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