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[ecf-dev] Install testing, Ganymede final days, docs, videos, and thanks to Ted

Hi ECF folks,

We're approaching final days for Ganymede/2.0.0...and I wanted to mention a few things:

1) I would appreciate some install testing. ECF has two for Eclipse 3.4, and one for Eclipse 3.3. I have done a build for both distributions today (Thur June 12) and here are the update sites and sdk zips for this test build:

update site: zip:

Note that the zip install for 3.4 is done via the 'dropins' folder for p2:

update site:

I installed all four of these today on win32 successfully. Please file any install failures as severity 'blocking' bugs right away.

2) Please *no* checkins at all next week on Release_2_0 stream unless associated with blocking bugs (that would be 'stop ship'). Since we're part of Ganymede, and Ganymede's policy is only stop ship bugs to be fixed next week.

3) If you can, committers and contributors please devote some of your time to documentation in the wiki. Particularly good would be screen shots and short descriptions of how to use the new features of ECF...e.g. shared editing/doc share, file transfer view, screen capture sharing, discovery and remote services examples/snippets, API-specific docs, example server start/usage instructions, etc.

4) Things are looking good...we're getting some attention/positive reviews...e.g:
and I've had two that has been published:

Committers and/or contributors: If you have the opportunity and inclination to blog, article, and/or do an interview please do so!!

5) I am doing a demo video (focusing on shared editing using google talk) for the eclipse live site...and I would encourage any other committers that have 4 hours to put together a demo (15 minutes is all) to do so. Please contact me if you want to do this. It shouldn't be hard at all to do, and would really help the project.

6) I think we all should give a special 'thank you' to Ted Kubaska...who has born much of the weight of

a) dealing with the Platform team to deliver 6 ECF plugins that are distributed in the Eclipse SDK (for p2 artifact download). This is/has broken new ground for the Platform team...we are the first Eclipse project with plugins that the Platform depends upon (other than itself, of course). b) dealing with the Ganymede releng requirements (e.g. signing, separate 3.4 and 3.3 builds, etc)

Those of you that have done releng and/or project mgmt know how much work is involved for something as big as Ganymede...and Ted has done nearly all that work...all volunteer (and it's not even a specialty for him). Thanks Ted.


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