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[ecf-dev] Making an ECF video

Hi Folks,

I attended the meeting with Open Media and the Eclipse Foundation regarding the creation of some short project videos.

Here's the link with technical info:


1) The videos are to be short (max 15 minutes)
2) The authoring software is Windows (only), but they do have a webinar system that will run in browser (on mac/linux) and record. This can be used to create demos, but the result is not quite as good a quality visually as the authoring software.
3) The max screen resolution is 1024X768 (also on page at URL given above)
4) Open Media estimates a couple of hours to record a 15 minute demo
5) Open Media will take the raw videos and do the editing
6) Editing instructions (e.g. "use the last take") are expected, and can be made separately (in notes), or done as audio in the video itself. 7) Some editing effects can be done (e.g. split screen, etc), but Open Media's time for doing this is limited. 8) The Eclipse Foundation would like to get *some* raw video as soon as the end of next week (i.e. Friday, June 13) so that the videos can be made available in time for Ganymede release (June 25). *All* videos must be done by July 15. 9) Open Media will work directly with us (ECF) offline to deal with our special demo situation (e.g. the need to have more than one Eclipse session...for two+ clients communicating/collaborating).

See the above URL for more technical info. We'll discuss what videos/demos to work on at Thurs ECF conference call:

If you have any questions before that feel free to ask and I'll find the appropriate person :)


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