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[ecf-dev] ECF branching for 2.0 / 2.1 streams - PLEASE READ

Hi Folks,

Ted and I have created a new branch with the name 'Release_2_0'. This branch is for the bug fixes/development for the ECF 2.0/Ganymede release coming up in June, as well as the subsequent ECF 2.0.1 maintenance release. Ted and I have got the automated build building off of this new branch, and so as of Friday, May 30th, we have two streams of development:

HEAD:  For beginning *2.1* development
Release_2_0: For remaining 2.0/Ganymede bug fixes (including the ongoing cola work).

NOTE: This requires that if you want to fix a bug for 2.0 that you *first switch you workspace copy to the Release_2_0 branch*, make the change, and commit it on that branch. From here on out, if you commit the change to HEAD alone, it will not get into the 2.0 build and won't be part of the 2.0.0 release. If you have a fix that should be applied to *both* 2.0 and HEAD (and this is probably true of most bug fixes), then you will have to first commit to the Release_2_0 branch and then merge this change into HEAD also. If you have any doubts about what should be done WRT a particular fix or change please ask.

Also, we are currently on both an API and feature freeze for the Release_2_0 branch. Until Ganymede (June 25th) there will be no changes to the code on this branch that are not identified as associated with one of these (or new major or higher severity) bugs:

Please work on these remaining 2.0 bugs, documentation, and testing as much as possible. I know that there are a lot of cool things we're going to do in 2.1 (e.g. secure storage of IDs and associated info, discovery, more remote services, runtime project, etc), but it would/will be really helpful if we have a very stable and high quality 2.0 release, because as a project we'll be getting a fair amount more visibility with p2/Equinox. Also, the core and filetransfer plugins (org.eclipse.ecf., org.eclipse.ecf.identity, org.ecilpse.ecf.filetransfer, org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer) cannot be easily updated until the platform 3.4.1 maintenance release, so we should discuss any changes to these plugins prior to making them on the 2.1 stream.

As of tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, Ted will be adding daily automated builds (as well as checkin-based automated builds) for both the Release_2_0 branch as well as the HEAD (aka 2.1 branch). This way build breakages for either the Release_2_0 and/or the HEAD/2.1 will be detected and reported immediately.
Remember that 2.1 cannot make any backward compatibility making API changes.

If you have any questions, please ask. So...please remember as we get closer to release and time scales get short: Release_2_0 branch for bug fixes, and HEAD is open for 2.1-only development/changes.

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