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[ecf-dev] ECF demo videos for Ganymede/ECF 2.0.0

Hi Folks,

Lynn Gayowski (Eclipse Foundation) has sent out a general call to all Ganymede projects for the creation of 15-minute demo videos. I've agreed to do one for ECF, but we can/could do more than one.

For the one I was going to do I would like to enlist the participation of:

1) Mustafa (real-time shared editing)
2) Markus (discovery)
3) Jan (remote services/r-OSGi)

I think it would be terrific if others would like to create videos for other areas of ECF (e.g. new UI/presence support/BugDay additions/p2/mylyn integration/screen capture, etc). If you would like to do this please speak up and we'll make it happen.

Also if Mustafa, Markus, and/or Jan would like to do a video on their own that's fine too. My understanding is that the video demo would have to be done sometime before the Ganymede release date (June 25).



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