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[ecf-dev] ECF freeze and 2.0 endgame/branching

Hi Folks,

Note that we are on both a feature freeze and an API freeze for ECF except bug fixes, and documentation. All committers: please consult the existing bugs list and

At yesterday's ECF conf call: we discussed moving the existing HEAD onto a new 2_0 branch, so that work on 2.1 could begin (on HEAD). After discussing the timing of this a little bit, we concluded that we would create a 2_0 branch next week (Tuesday, 5/27), have all further development/testing/bug fixing on the 2_0 branch, and open up HEAD for 2.1 development. This also means that we need to modify our existing build so that daily builds and the release builds are done off of the new branch (2_0) rather than HEAD. I haven't had a chance to consult with Ted about the timing of this (i.e. whether he has time on/before Tuesday to deal with these changes), so we may have to delay beyond Tues 5/27 if Ted is unable to work on the necessary changes.

Please respond if you have any questions/comments about this. I (Scott) won't be online for a couple of days (Sat-Mon am), so won't be responding immediately (spending some happy time away from computers and near family and nature).



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