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[ecf-dev] Remote provisioning with Equinox p2 and ECF

Title: Remote provisioning with Equinox p2 and ECF

My name is Eugen Reiswich, I’m a 29 year old student from Hamburg (Germany) and I’ve been asked by Scott Lewis to introduce the project I’m working on, which might be interesting for some of you.

Basically I’m trying to develop a remote provisioning tool as part of my theses, which is based on the Eclipse Communication Framework  (ECF) and the new provisioning infrastructure Equinox p2. I’ve enclosed a screenshot how the application should look like so one might get a guess how it is supposed to work. I’ve also enclosed a brief abstract on what I’m planning to do and what my application is supposed to do.

Here a brief summary:
  • Remote update/install/delete features from an admin GUI
  • Remote administration of either user groups or single user
  • remote administration in headless mode
  • As already described my application is based on two key technologies: ECF and Equinox P2
  • ECF is used for:
    • showing the user presence so admins know who’s online and can be remote administrated
    • establish the communication between admin’s and user’s computer (OSGi on ECF
    • transferring configuration files
    • Equinox p2 is used for:
      • providing information about installed features and versions
      • handling the update/install/delete features
      • revert to former versions functionality

    If some of you are interested in more details or has an interesting idea what my application should be definitely capable of I would be glad to get in contact with you.


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