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[ecf-dev] Rietveld Code Review resources

Scott, Ted and I have talked about giving Rietveld a try.

In order to provide you all with an overview of what the tool is, I am
sharing a link to a blog post by Guido van Rossum (dated May 6th)
which summarizes the tool's functionality and lists further pointers.

A requirement for the current incarnation of Rietveld is that the code
to be reviewed has to be hosted in a Subversion repository. I am about
to contact the Foundation webmins to ask for the procedure to obtain a
svn space. I will most likely move over DocShare and Cola and merge
major changes back into CVS for the time being.

Is anyone interested in reviewing Cola/DocShare code via Rietveld
sometime over the next few days/week?



Mustafa K. Isik


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