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[ecf-dev] ECF 2.0.0 M7a was: Re: Question with jslp library included in ECF jslp provider

Hi Folks,

This morning, the Orbit build promoted the fix to this jSLP bundle to the Orbit I-build (I20080505235349) to address this bug:

In order to pick up the jSLP fix, I've done an M7a build for ECF, and deployed it to the normal locations (see below). This build should fix this issue...and I decided to build and deploy an M7a today so that Phuong and others could test and verify it. This is the only change from M7 done last night.

I've just completed the deploy to the download and update site. The Eclipse replication may take a little while, but it should be ready soon. Note that the version qualifier for this build is v20080507-1345.

ECF Download:
ECF Extras:
CVS tag:  v20080507-1345

Thanks...sorry about any trouble.


Scott Lewis wrote:
One thing to point out...the jslp provider is built by the Orbit project

and they only do builds occasionally, so it may be a few days until ECF can consume a new Orbit build.

I will make a request for another Orbit build to pick up these changes and we will get them in place as soon as possible.


Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Phuong Hoang wrote:
Hi Markus,
Thanks very much for clarification,

Phuong Hoang

"Markus Alexander Kuppe" <> wrote in message news:fvejaq$bt2$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
Phuong Hoang wrote:
Anyway, I have another question regarding the jslp library included in the download of ECF at The library of jslp downloaded is "ch.ethz.iks.slp_1.0.0.RC2_v200803061811.jar" which is not a OSGI version but a standalone version of jSLP instead. => This leaves the org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jslp un-operational because it cannot find Locator or Advertiser registered as OSGI services.

When replaced with OSGI version of jslp downloaded from sourceforge, the jslp ECF provider works fine.

So I'm wondering if that jslp library (RC2_v200803031811) is the correct one?

it is an OSGi bundle, but it lacks the Bundle-Activator OSGi header as well as the activator class ch.ethz.iks.slp.impl.Activator. Orbit must have accidentally used the non-OSGi jSLP jar. I've filed


P.S.: If you feel comfortable with it, I'd suggest using trunk of anyway. It contains a few bug fixes too. Updates in Orbit usually take a while because of the IP process.

Hi Phuong,

the problem has been solved. Please verify with builds > 20080505.


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