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RE: [ecf-dev] Remote deployment

Hi Leen, 

> I know you've already written this for r-osgi, but do you think
> there's a lot that needs to change for the ecf port?

Not too much I assume. There are other issues that should be addressed. For
instance, the GUI is certainly not a good example for GEF best coding
practice, etc. :-)

> How I see it (in the GUI at least) is that you
> select a contact, send him the plugin, and the contact only has to
> agree. I don't know yet how we have to negotiate dependencies, because
> you only want to send the files that are absolutely necessary.

Currently, it's a pure push that assumes that nothing is available on the
other side. The focus was more on partitioning and distributing an
application composed out of different plugins and let it run as a
distributed application. It will push all necessary dependencies as well.
The boundaries of distribution are the services. So for what you describe,
one should shift the focus a little bit towards using the tool for ad-hoc
deploying plugins to other machines, without necessarily having a
distributed application in mind.



ETH Zurich, MSc Jan S. Rellermeyer,
Information and Communication Systems Research Group (IKS), 
Department of Computer Science, 
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