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Re: [ecf-dev] Google Summer of Code Application

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Nelson wrote:
Hey guys,

I purposed an IM for Eclipse for my Summer of Code application. I did
this without knowing about ECF and now that I do, I've revised my
application. I'd like to make a RCP application using ECF. It'd be
aimed at meeting developers needs, but would also be a fully
functional instant messenger.

This is a nice idea I think. We had an RCP version of a (very) basic IM client...called rcpchat, and this project is still in the ECF OSUOSL repository here:

:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/ecf applications/org.eclipse.ecf.example.rcpchat

This is very rudimentary, however, and we have not been maintaining it (although it still build fine in my workspace I think some of the bundle dependencies are stale and it does not run). Andrew you are more than welcome to look at this and use the code as a starting point if you like. If you don't want to use it that's fine too...your decision.

Just by looking around some, I've found
all sorts of cool support in ECF -- for file transfers and
multi-protocol messaging and voice (is this implemented yet?).

Multi-protocol messaging...yes, we've got IM/presence providers for XMPPS/Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo, and have possible pending contributions for sametime, and AIM.

XMPPS/Google Talk supports the file transfer API (ISendFileTransferContainerAdapter is entry point). RE: voice...we've got a 'call' API (, which is an abstract call signalling/setup API. We have working impls (albeit still minimal UI) for Skype-based calling, and Moritz Post's work last year on integrating Jingle. Here are some links for details:

There is also a proposal by Marek Zawirski for 2008 Google SOC project to work on a SIP provider for the ECF call API. You can see the dialog about this proposal in the ecf-dev mailing list archives:

The short of it though is that we have lots of work TBD on VOIP...both at the level of protocol support (e.g. SIP) and UI work around initiating calls (i.e. without a buddy list), and presenting call status and control UI. Moritz had some of this in his 2007 work (Moritz is now an ECF committer), and Marek's work will hopefully integrate with that work.

I also
saw something very interesting --  Shared Object API. I'll have to
look into that more, but think it could have a lot of potential.

Yes, the shared object API could be useful in a number of ways...we have a very old and very simple real-time collaboration group support using the shared object API to implement (the shared object API really is just an API for dynamically replicating arbitrary java objects/applications/model state) into a distributed group...and providing messaging primitives (like failure detection and group membership info) that allow the objects/applications/models to synchronize state changes in a way that makes sense for the application requirements (i.e. from 'optimistic' to 'pessimistic'/n-phase commit strategies).

Anyway, come check out my application and maybe give me some feedback.

Would you please post a link to the application here?



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