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Re: [ecf-dev] Eclipse M6 and and ECF

Hi Jeff,

Not sure what the right long-term solution is to this, but my expectation is that we're simply the first to encounter this situation and that it will occur in other ways/for other projects as well.

I think we should ultimately move ECF to use p2 meta-data/artifact repos rather than update sites/features. We could also create an 'ecf platform' feature and have our existing core feature depend upon that one but sort of want to put the effort into p2 meta-data/artifact repos rather than features/update sites (since it will imply changes to our build, etc).

In any event...other views/opinions please let them be known.


Jeff McAffer wrote:
Interesting.  I didn't see this coming.  What is the longer term solution
here?  ECF should be whole and consistent regardless of what we happen to
include in the SDK.  p2 will help with this somewhat but not completely.
Perhaps we should make a ECF core (whatever) feature and then the platform
can consume that?


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Hi Folks,

As you may already know, the Eclipse Milestone 6 (M6) just happened
today (Monday).  A major part of this milestone was the inclusion of
the p2 project code (the new Eclipse install/update mechanism).  ECF
has/is supporting the p2 project, and consequently there are now 4 ECF
plugins that are included in Eclipse Platform:


One unintended consequence of p2, is that with these four ECF bundles
the platform, the existing ECF update site will not work (with M6+).
The reason for this is that because the four ECF bundles listed above
are in the SDK, they are considered part of the platform by p2, and so
update sites (including ours) are not allowed (by p2 policy) to update
platform bundles.  So if you try to install even a more recent version
of ECF on M6, it won't let these four bundles be installed.

As a workaround, Ted Kubaska and I have added to the ECF build to
produce an update site specifically for Eclipse M6/p2 that removes
four ECF bundles from the ECF core feature(since they are already in
M6 platform).  As soon as we can (probably sometime Tuesday) we will
make this update site available on the ECF download page, along with
update site for Eclipse 3.3->3.4M5.  That way, people that are using
Eclipse 3.3 or 3.4 up to M5 can get/run ECF via the existing update
site, and those running 3.4M6 can get the other parts of ECF.

So an update site for 3.4M6 will be available on the download page
tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1.

Also, ECF's own M6 will be available one week from today, Monday April
7th, as ECF's M6 occurs one week (+1) after platform.



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