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Re: [ecf-dev] Google Summer Of Code ideas


Remy Chi Jian Suen wrote:
 - is it possible to make SWT "secondary" output to some user-provided
 framebuffer class, register some redrawing listener for a whole desktop,
 even when non-SWT window is focused?
 - is it possible to grab mouse/keyboard input from other windows, even
 when non-SWT window is focused?

I think either one or both of the above is possible by adding the
appropriate listeners and filters on the parent Display.

Thanks. I've posted some question on swt-dev, as Scott recommended. Haven't received answer yet.

However, I did some quick test-code with Display's listeners/filters. It seems that it is impossible to get events from other windows (somehow reasonable) without any hack. So in pure Java+SWT it seems to be possible to do a VNC server for Eclipse window. I'm not sure is it really worth effort.


Marek Zawirski [zawir]

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