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Re: [ecf-dev] Compatibility question

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Hallgren wrote:
I'm about to check in some major improvements to how Buckminster manages downloads. This means that we now introduce dependencies to ECF filetransfer and to some of the very recent changes that were made. Thanks a lot for accepting my patches and get them in so quickly. It's a dream working with you guys :-).

Thanks for the nice words.

Before I commit my changes I want to make sure that I don't mess up backward compatibility with features written for the 3.3 platform. If there are, I'll have to create separate branches (not a big deal, but good to know before bad things start happening).

Do you know of any other features that runs on 3.3 and must have earlier versions of ECF?

No. There seem to be some things in the ECF filetransfer.ui bundle that may not work with 3.3 (as I've heard that the FileTransfersView is not appearing properly on some versions of eclipse 3.3), but I expect that we will be able to resolve these easily enough, and I don't think that you are referring to the filetransfer UI.



- thomas

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