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[ecf-dev] Re: Get expiration notice when sending message to Yahoo Messenger

Hi Dicky,

Dicky Johan wrote:
I tried creating a sample chat client using the latest ECF build. But when I send the message, I got another message from Yahoo: [?Warning: This version of Messenger will expire on April 2, 2008. Please upgrade to the latest supported version: Learn more:]

I understand we are using the open source yjmsg. Does anyone know if there are plans to upgrade or replace the library so that it works with the new Yahoo Messenger?

Well, I have good news on this.

I went to the jYmsg sourceforge page at:

and I see that there is a patch for jymsg to move to version 063. ECF's yahoo provider is currently running on 061 (the code is available via anonymous CVS, for those interested:

in plugins/

And after changing the plugin to use the 063 jymsg jar, it seems that the message Dicky quotes above does not appear...that is, 063 seems to fix the problem! (yeah). I've made the update to the ECF yahoo provider (replaced the 061 jar with 063 jar), and tried some smoke seems to work with 063.

This change to 063 been checked in to as of 3:52 pacific time on Tuesday, March 18. I'm not sure if this change will make it into the daily build today (Tuesday) as our OSU osl daily build happens right around this time (and may be underway/already done), but it will be in tomorrow's daily build (Wed), and in subsequent integration (every Monday), milestone (M6 next week) and release builds.

And if you would like to get it right away, you can get the plugin and build it in your own workspace.

Thanks for the report. Hopefully this will work out for you and others. Please let us know if not...and what else we can do.


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