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[ecf-dev] Submitting CQs for ECF 2.0.0 Ganymede release

Attention ECF committers:

We need to get in CQs *by the end of January* for all contributions that we want to assure will be in the ECF 2.0.0 Ganymede release. This includes both third-party libs/frameworks that we wish to use, as well as EPL-licensed codebases that we have developed prior to becoming ECF committers.

I think we have many/most of them in already, but I would like to ask that each committer review below to make sure that the areas/contributions they are responsible for have the necessary CQs.

Please amend and/or correct below if you have further information.

Ones that *need to be submitted soon*

Remote Services (Jan and Scott)
   R-OSGI (under apache 2 license)
   R-OSGI provider (under EPL)
(hopefully Jan and I can coordinate on submitting these this coming week)

VOIP (Moritz and Roland):
   Smack 3.0.0 library
   Jingle provider (Moritz Google SOC project)
   IAX library and provider?

Discovery view contribution? (discussed in ecf-dev email in fall) (note the jSLP/SLP provider CQs are already in as below)


For the following it's an open question about whether CQs are necessary and desired:

Skype (Scott and Koji)
  Skype Provider

Here are the ones that have been submitted and are either approved or in process

  SLP provider:

(any more needed here?)

(any more needed here?)

JXTA: (and several others for dependent libs)
(any more/other needed here?)



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