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RE: [ecf-dev] Re: Riena Creation Review 19th Dec 2007

Hi Christian,

> Some people had created remote services on the server in a transparent way
like r-osgi at that time, but had their own more or less proprietory way to
then call that 
> service on the client (i.e. r-osgi).
> They didn't have a OSGi Service as proxy on the client, ECF also didn't
have that so thats why we created a solution for ourselves.

That's definitely not true. R-OSGi has had an OSGi service proxy on the
client ever since (and ever since is the end of 2005 when I worked on my
A maybe more subtle question: How can a *transparent* solution be
proprietary? I mean, for the case of R-OSGi, it's transparent, it behaves
like OSGi services (through the proxies) and everything in the middle
(transport) is pluggable. So what's proprietary about it? 
With the integration into the ECF API, you now have even more choices,
because you can now do asynchronous and one-shot service invocations out of
the box.

IMHO, a solution that only works with Equinox and not with other OSGi
frameworks is far more proprietary than one that ships with its own protocol
implementation and makes use of it as long as the user doesn't specify
something else. 



ETH Zurich, MSc Jan S. Rellermeyer,
Information and Communication Systems Research Group (IKS), 
Department of Computer Science, 
IFW B 47.1, Haldeneggsteig 4, CH–8092 Zürich Tel +41 44 632 30 38,

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