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[ecf-dev] AW: jSLP will be donate to the directoy project at

Yes, let me clearify this a bit. My intention is and was to donate my project to where they are most helpful (with respect to other projects going on in the community and how the flavor of the project fits into the big picture). That's why I split things like that. 
R-OSGi perfectly fits into the environment of ECF and the efforts of the Eclipse community around distributed OSGi services seemed most mature to me. 
On the other hand, jSLP is a protocol implementation and Apache has a long tradition in this field. Putting jSLP into the context of Apache Directory Server helps the project in several way, one is that there will eventually be a full Java SLP DA implementation, another is that there might be more interest in extending the implementation with things like IPv6 support and other issues that remained open so far.
All in all, I have always been at the point that the large open-source projects have enough in common so that they should be able to cooperate, despite obvious differences in their culture and structure. I hope you understand my point.

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