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Re: [ecf-dev] PLEASE READ: Areas of focus for Ganymede/ECF 2.0

Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hi All,
> Coming out of the conference call today, I've proposed some major areas
> of focus for ECF 2.0/Ganymede:
> 2) If you are identified as one of the leads for an area of focus then
> please:
>     a) *Respond to this email with a +1, 0, -1* to that you are
> able/willing/desire to work in
>         the given area of focus.

Count me in for discover, though the focus at my day job might require
me to work on other topic. However I'm willing to spend also personal
time on ECF. :)
Btw. if we manage convincing Jan to donate jSLP, he should join me.
And I'm looking forward applying patches from p2, if they decide to
built upon discovery. ;)


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