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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF and equinox p2

Hi all,

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

As you guys know, equinox p2 (the replacement for update manager) has
decided to use ECF for its transports needs.
So far the experience has been great as the few problems we encountered
have been promptly fixed. Thank you!

However up to now we have only done simple things (http and file protocols)
but as p2 is getting closer to its first inclusion into the eclipse SDK
everyone in the team would appreciate if the ECF community could help us
ensure that some of the more advanced scenarios we are hoping to support in
the 3.4 are handled. Here are some of the things that we are after:
- Support proxy / socks (in conjonction with
- Support for https
- Support for querying the user when authentication is necessary
- Real life setups for proxy / DNS lookups

So that everyone is aware...a lot of what is needed here for the equinox provisioning support is testing of the existing filetransfer API (and testing multiple individual providers of that API). As you can probably imagine, it's rather difficult to test (e.g.) proxies when one is not on a proxied network :).

If others out there have access to machines behind a proxy, PLEASE speak up in response to this request. You could help a tremendous amount for both ECF and the Equinox Provisioning work simply by running existing ECF file transfer test cases (those in tests/org.eclipse.ecf.tests.filetransfer) on your behind-the-firewall system(s)...and help even more by writing some additional test cases to test your specific proxy configuration, https server, authentication scenario, etc. To summarize, the best ways to help would be:

1) Running existing ECF filetransfer test cases behind proxy configuration
2) Writing additional/new test cases and contributing them to ECF
3) Setting up a local proxy configuration (or https server) and doing 1 and/or 2 above. If you can do this, please consider communicating with others on the ECF newsgroup and/or mailing list so that a good coverage of types/models of proxies/web servers are used.

Please let all know if you are able/willing to contribute to this, and I will coordinate getting the appropriate/necessary information.

Here BTW, is a project set file that includes all the relevant ECF sources (including the existing filetransfer test code as a junit plugin test)



Thanks in advance,


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