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Re: [ecf-dev] Behavior of IDiscoveryContainerAdapter and service discovery

Hi Markus,

Markus Alexande Kuppe wrote:

what should be the behavior of an IDiscoveryContainerAdapter in terms of
serviceAdded(IServiceEvent), serviceResolved(IServiceEvent) and
requestServiceInfo(IServiceID, int)?

For JMDNS a consumer calls requestServiceInfo(...) in the
serviceAdded(...) method to request the service to get resolved. The
IDiscoveryContainerAdapter then calls serviceResolved on the listener.

For SLP this isn't necessary since a service is already fully resolved
after initial discovery. Thus
serviceAdded(...) -> requestServiceInfo(...) -> serviceResolved(...)
isn't needed.
IMO we should allow providers to skip the serviceAdded call on the
listener and to directly call serviceResolved if appropriate. This leads
to the basic consumer implication that serviceAdded might not be called.

Why not have the SLP provider call serviceAdded and then serviceResolved?


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