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Re: [ecf-dev] Planned Discovery UI contribution

Thanks Markus...and inadvance...for this work.

Some related thoughts I would like to throw out to the community and get feedback on:

It seems there is a lot of attention/work going on now WRT remote OSGi services (e.g. r-OSGi, the OSGI Enterprise Expert Group RFCs, ECF's own remote services API, Riena project proposal, etc).

I've arranged to have Jan Rellermeyer, the r-OSGi lead to attend the ECF conference call next week (Oct 9) so we can discuss working cooperatively between r-OSGi and ECF. There are several possibilities...e.g. r-OSGi is/becomes an ECF provider, an r-OSGi-like service interface is built on top of ECF RS to expose a transparent services layer, etc.

One other thought...with the enhancements to ECF discovery API by Markus, and the use of jSLP (an standard service locator protocol) to implement an ECF discovery provider (which Markus has graciously already offered to contribute) and the work on the remote services API, one architectural issue that I've been recently wrestling with is the following: we *could* very easily add a dependency on the ECF discovery API to the ECF remote services API. In that case, the discovery API could/would be used to asynchronously discover ECF remote services...and then either explicitly use the ECF remote services API, or transparently use it with services registered with the OSGi services registry as remote (like r-OSGi does now).

Of course this would mean creating a compile-time dependency of org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservices (the RS API bundle) on org.eclipse.ecf.discovery (the discovery API bundle). This isn't a major 'loss' in any sense, however, since the org.eclipse.ecf.discovery bundle has a OSGi 1.0 ee minimum (and so does the remote services API) it would not increase the runtime requirements for remote services. It would, however, increase the runtime size of remote services.

In any event, please let all know what you think...about such a dependency...I'm just floating a trial balloon at this point.


Markus Kuppe wrote:

along with our recent contributions (see 200791, 200803, 200804, 202036,
204423) we are planning to contribute a new implementation of a
discovery browser. The impl is going to be based on EMF and offers an EP
to extend the UI for specific service types.
Due to internal deadlines however, this contribution will probably take
some time to happen (months?). This post is just to let anybody know and
to show our willingness to join efforts if somebody is working on the same.

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