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[ecf-dev] E-intro [Was Efficient downloads]

Hi Scott,
We, (the Buckminster team) would like to offer our help in implementing protocol-level pause/resume and recovery capabilities for the ECF http/https file transfer. I'd like you to meet Filip Hrbek. He is the Buckminster guy who currently works on improving our materialization. He will be our main resource for this, should you accept our help. So Filip, meet Scott. Scott meet Filip.

Thomas Hallgren

Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Thomas,

Thomas Hallgren wrote:
Hi Scott,
Thanks for a very elaborate answer. This looks very promising. Well structured, low overhead. Only thing missing if I read you correctly is true pause/resume on protocol level (and the failure recovery that I think will come as a bonus). Do you have any sense what it would take to implement that?

It depends upon each protocol and it's corresponding support in (some) protocol library. I assume you are most interested in http/https. I'll take a look at the httpclient 3.0.1 support for pause/resume and failure recovery.


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