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[ecf-dev] ECF 1.0.0RC1 build

Hi Folks,

ECF 1.0.0RC1 build is available.  See below for download/update links.

See here for New and Noteworthy (editing in progress):

The new icons look really nice! Thanks much to Holger Voormann and Gen Nishimura for their artistic contributions.

Please install (with eclipse 3.3M6 or newer), and check things out by connecting to one/several of (change your username appropriately):

xmpps://scottslewis@xxxxxxxxx (Google Talk)
xmpps://slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (XMPP)
ecftcp:// (ECF generic)
yahoo://scottblewis  (yahoo provider installed)
skype://sblewis  (skype provider installed)

Please file bugs for any problems found by going here:



ECF Core

Update site:
Download zip:

ECF Extras

Download zips:
Update site:

Source Code

CVS tag for build:  v20070523-1440

Project set (anonymous access): Project set (committer access):

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