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Re: [ecf-dev] Docs on what ECF does

Ken Gilmer wrote:

Scott, these are awesome! Perhaps a brief introduction section in the beginning that relates how the APIs relate and tie together would be useful.

Thanks...yes, I added this today (Wed). More could be added in the prose, but I think it might also be good to also introduce a mini tutorial-per-API with references to code/extensions/services example code/extensions/OSGi service usage.

Additionally, a section per API of links to examples might be good.

I introduced this for discovery, datashare, and file transfer. If others want to take a stab at links to specific examples (to additional/new pages and/or to source) for these or other APIs it would be welcome.

I could add content for the shared editor and/or some of the chat stuff if others agree it would be a good approach.

WRT the shared editor though...we should probably deal with this bug first:


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