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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF dev build 4.24.2007

Thanks Remy,

I didn't think I would issue a N&N this time, but it's a great idea to report bugs fixed and give a 'release highlights'.

So, here are some of the big highlights (mini N&N)

1) Remy's nost excellent UI work now has been fully integrated and replaces the old Roster (see pictures under Skype Provider...or better yet just try it out). 2) Skype Provider added (and progress on mac support): 3) Bot Framework and IRC Bot in place 4) Shared Code work by Marcelo passed IP approval and checked into (170867) 5) Good progress on bundle-level API docs: 6) New, more flexible build system and will be doing automated builds very shortly 7) Filetransfer provider generalization that allows new providers to be substituted via extension point
8) New extensible UI allows dynamic menu contributions
9) Progress on telephony/call API and Google SOC project

Lots of great work.  Thanks everyone.


Remy Chi Jian Suen wrote:
Since this is an I build, we will not be providing an N&N (I think?).

So, for your information, bugs fixed since 2007-03-31 (our M6 build
was on 2007-03-30):
167768 - Add presence API test code to org.eclipse.ecf.tests plugin
170501 - [UI] org.eclipse.ecf.ui needs to split off its non-core
plug-in dependencies
170867 - [collab] Integrate Shared Code Plug-in into CVS
177014 - History API design
180364 - [bot] Support joining multiple rooms/channels in extension point
180700 - [xmpp] Typing notifications are not processed properly
180751 - [UI] MultiRosterContentProvider should not have objects tacked onto it 181345 - org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer needs to consume Orbit bundles
181506 - Migrate presence IM providers to use MessagesView
181521 - [msn] IChatID is implemented incorrectly
181640 - [provider] skype provider for call api
181653 - [FileTransfer] Make a default provider that just supports jvm schemes
182460 - Add UI for chat rooms to MultiRosterView
182596 - NPE when displaying MultiRosterView context menu
182730 - [presence] IRosterSubscriptionSender has incomplete javadocs
182778 - [ui] Add text manipulation capabilities to MessagesView
(copy, select all, clear chat, log)
183030 - [ui] Add support for Platform hyperlink detectors in all chat
views and editors
183158 - [ui] Add filtering functionality for offline users in RosterView
183492 - [generic] 'ECF Server Application' launch config will not run

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