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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF dev build 4.24.2007

Since this is an I build, we will not be providing an N&N (I think?).

So, for your information, bugs fixed since 2007-03-31 (our M6 build
was on 2007-03-30):
167768 - Add presence API test code to org.eclipse.ecf.tests plugin
170501 - [UI] org.eclipse.ecf.ui needs to split off its non-core
plug-in dependencies
170867 - [collab] Integrate Shared Code Plug-in into CVS
177014 - History API design
180364 - [bot] Support joining multiple rooms/channels in extension point
180700 - [xmpp] Typing notifications are not processed properly
180751 - [UI] MultiRosterContentProvider should not have objects tacked onto it
181345 - org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer needs to consume Orbit bundles
181506 - Migrate presence IM providers to use MessagesView
181521 - [msn] IChatID is implemented incorrectly
181640 - [provider] skype provider for call api
181653 - [FileTransfer] Make a default provider that just supports jvm schemes
182460 - Add UI for chat rooms to MultiRosterView
182596 - NPE when displaying MultiRosterView context menu
182730 - [presence] IRosterSubscriptionSender has incomplete javadocs
182778 - [ui] Add text manipulation capabilities to MessagesView
(copy, select all, clear chat, log)
183030 - [ui] Add support for Platform hyperlink detectors in all chat
views and editors
183158 - [ui] Add filtering functionality for offline users in RosterView
183492 - [generic] 'ECF Server Application' launch config will not run

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