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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF ring...ring...

Not sure about the sounds, but I like the approach of having something slide in from the bottom right of my screen saying that I have a call incoming. This is similar to Mylar's notifications.

One interesting approach here is we can ask the community for some EPL'd ring sound donations. This way we get some community participation along with notifying the community that we are working on Skype provider.


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04/17/2007 05:40 PM


[ecf-dev] ECF ring...ring...

Hi Folks,

I want to add a ring tone(s) for the Skype that when calls
are received through ECF we can play some sound to notify people that a
call is incoming.

The media should be under EPL though...and so I was thinking it would be
good to get some 'Eclipse sounds' (whatever that is).  Anyone have any
ideas?  I was thinking of asking EF people to say something...or take a
clip from one of the podcasts about Eclipse...or something like that.

Or we could flash a picture or do both as well.

Any other thoughts/suggestions?


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