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[ecf-dev] m6

Hi Folks,

This Friday (Mar 30) is Europa milestone 6 for ECF (platform m6 + 1 week).

From my point of view things are just about ready, but are there new plugins/examples that are IP approved and ready for deployment with M6 that are not being included? We can't distribute stuff that is in the ECF 'incubator' yet as part of release, but there may be things that are fully IP appproved that we can/should include in the core feature or the examples feature. Candidates:

MSN (presence) provider
Bittorrent (filetransfer) provider

Should these be included in m6+ as part of 'core' feature?

AFAIK, the other plugins (both providers and example code) are still in IP approval process...or approved only for 'incubation'.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of the above...and Remy please let me know about the status of the MSN and bittorrent providers and whether they should be included in the build.



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