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[ecf-dev] xmpp file transfer ui

Hi Folks,

On a bit of whim today I implemented a very minimal user interface within the existing RosterView  for sending/receiving file transfers via the ECF filetransfer API (the IOutgoingFileTransferContainerAdapter...i.e. for user initiated file 'sending' rather than file retrieval).

Now (with code in CVS but not yet deployed...M6+1 next Friday), in the buddy list if you right click (context menu) on an *available* buddy in list you will see:

You can then select a file with a file chooser and the then the receiver will see something like this:

And if you choose 'Yes' it will give you an opportunity to put the file in a location of your choosing and then transfer the file.  No progress indicators on either side yet, but that can be added later (in org.eclipse.ecf.ui.RosterView for those curious).

This will all be in the ECF M6+1 deployment next week.


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