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[ecf-dev] outgoing file transfer (xmpp) implementation + test code

Hi Folks,

Up to now, the IOutgoingFileTransferContainerAdapter peer-to-peer file transfer has not been complete. This bug basically discovered that fact. But as of today the filetransfer API outgoing file transfer is fully implemented using the xmpp peer-to-peer file transfer. There is test code in the org.eclipse.ecf.tests.filetransfer plugin, in the OutgoingFileTransferTest test case. Note that I added some logic in the test case super class to support the passing of usernames and passwords in as system properties for access to remote accounts.

This also resulted in a new method for the filetransfer API: 1) to allow for the receiver of the file transfer to give an OutputStream as a target (in addition to a File), and 2) optionally specify a listener (on the receiver) to be asynchronously notified about the file transfer progress . The new method is IFileTransferRequestEvent.accept(OutputStream,IFileTransferListener).

ASAP, will update roster view to add file send action.


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