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[ecf-dev] New stuff

Hi Folks,

A quick update about ECF 'goings on':

1) In response to this bug:, completed the removal of references to org.eclipse.core.runtime plugin (changed over to using org.eclipse.equinox.common) for all the non-ui ECF plugins. This means that all those plugins will run on most Equinox runtimes...i.e. Equinox-based servers, RCP apps, and Eclipse. The dependencies for ECF are:

a) Extension registry:  offered as OSGi service on Equinox runtimes
b) Adapter manager: as of 3.3m6 (this week) offered as OSGi service on Equinox runtimes
c) Jobs API:  available as equinox bundle
d) EE/CDC 1.0, JDK 1.4+

Note that if a, b, c bundles are run on other OSGi server implementations (e.g. felix) then ECF can/would as well.

2) In response to this bug:, added history API to the presence API (in package). If you can, please review and comment on the API on the bug. I've also added non-functional implementations for the xmpp, msn, yahoo, and jxta providers (implementers of presence API). But I would like to get the APIs reviewed and changed before working on full implementations (for xmpp first, then others).

3) This friday (23) is platform M6, and so ECF has M6 next Friday (30). If people have API additions or changes that they want to get into place please raise their thoughts on this mailing list, and file a bug/enhancement request to track.

4) The equinox team has started a 'provisioning incubator': A nice thing...Pascal Rapicault has/is using the ECF file transfer API to implement the prototype work he has done so far, and ECF could be used for the pluggable transports for the provisioning/install/update story for the post 3.3 platform.

5) Some small simplifications to the discovery API in org.eclipse.ecf.discovery to make the API easier to use.

6) Much more test code in test bundles: org.eclipse.ecf.tests.presence, org.eclipse.ecf.tests.discovery, org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice.

7) Refactored, simplified, and formatted the applications in org.eclipse.ecf.example.clients. Also added a trivial IM bot, along with the xmpp chat room bot.



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