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[ecf-dev] Europa and ECF 1.0.0

Hi Folks,

An update about ECF deployment planning and Europa.

1) I've (Scott) changed the numbering for ECF plugins to use 1.0.0.M5v<date of build> rather than we *are* approaching 1.0.0 release and are now on 1.0.0 milestone releases. From here on out, we will use 1.0.0.M?v<date of build>, until we reach 1.0.0. I've also changed 0.9.7 release (in plan) to 1.0.0.M5.

2) From here until 1.0.0 release, we'll have our milestone releases be the same as Europa schedule...and assume 1.0.0 for June release along with 3.3 final + other Europa projects. Here is the Europa schedule: (See under Milestones and Release Candidates). +1 means that we are expected to deploy for each milestone 1 week behind the given date (except for June 29, final release date) and that we have a dependency on only the platform (not on other Europa projects).

3) Using Pete's splendid work on the ECF headless build, I've just created a second update site for europa build (as all the Europa-o-matic is based upon update sites):

This update site is also now being use by the Europa-o-matic, which just started running over the past few days. Here's info about the Europa-o-matic itself:

and here's the Europa-o-matic run status (it's run a few times a day now and every day until June):

As you can see, ECF's features from the above update site are now being included in the Europa-o-matic. In other words, everything for ECF is currently working great! Everyone should take the time to thank Pete Mackie (pete@xxxxxxxxxxxx) for his work on the ECF build.

Pete is currently my highest prospect for a valentine for this year. Somewhat sad, I suppose, but true :).

Over the next few weeks and months, there is some more work to do on the ECF build...for example we need to setup some other/more features, and perhaps tweak the names of our existing features. Plus we need to incorporate pack200 into our build, but pack200 is causing problems for other projects right now so until those are worked out we will hold off on that.



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