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[ecf-dev] Transfer arbitrarily sized images between users via ECF

Hi everyone,

I just recently committed some code to org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab
that will allow you to send a selected rectangular area of a snapshot
of your current desktop to a user via ECF.

1. Connect to the ECF generic server for collaboration
2. Right-click on another user and select "Send Screen Capture to <username>"
3. Wait 5 seconds (this is at the time of this writing and may change)
4. You should see your screen flicker. A snap shot has been taken of
your entire screen. (Or not if you have multiple monitors, I don't so
I can't test that.)
5. Use your mouse and crop out the desired rectangular area you wish to send.
6. The other user should receive the cropped image of your desktop momentarily.

At the time of this writing, the rectangle is being drawn with a white
border, so if what you're capturing is filled with white, you will
likely not see the outline. A variety of features can be created as
its potential is limitless, I welcome any suggestions for improvements
and additions.

Issues/Features that will be addressed (or at least I hope to):
-the white rectangle problem outlined above
-the popup menu will be altered to provide an "immediate" snapshot and
a "wait" one which will be 5 seconds (this number may vary)
-provide a keybinding so that you can initiate the snapshot, crop,
then choose who to send it to
-don't send the image immediately and request for confirmation
-abstract out into a standalone plug-in

This feature has been a group effort and I would like to acknowledge
the assistance of nitind (from the WTP team), ijuma, Forexs, and
dominikg for their comments and suggestions on the #eclipse IRC
channel. :)


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