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[ecf-dev] ECF 0.9.6 stable

Hi Folks,

ECF 0.9.6 stable can now be downloaded here:

The New and Noteworthy for this build is here:

As usual, the ECF project home page is here:

Please welcome Remy Suen as a new ECF committer...he has already contributed substantially as a committer...thanks Remy!

Also: I'll soon be sending additional info about chat groups that are being set up (XMPP, IRC, and/or ECF generic) for use by supporting Eclipse Foundation cross-project communication/collaboration. If anyone else would like a private or public chat group, please just let us know via ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Finally, I've got a new blog for ECF...if others of you (contributors and committers) would like to contribute to this blog it's most welcome. Please just send me an email to slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I will add you.



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