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Re: [ecf-dev] Things to do for 0.9.5

At the end of this week I should have time again to work on ECF.
Scott, I promise to first look into what you e-mailed me about that
but I didn't get a chance to do yet.

2) httpclient 3.0.1 has been approved via IP process for use by all

Nice. When will it be in Orbit? It would be great if whoever is doing
the packaging (you or Mik Kersten?) could do it similarly to how
commons-net is done in Orbit -- include source code so that when
developing using the bundle, sources would be instantly attached.

4) We have permission to move over a RSS provider from Higgins to ECF

I've been meaning to take a peek at that. Does it define a new API or
implement some existing ECF API? I'm not familiar with RSS
technicalities, but maybe it could also implement Bulletin Board api?

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