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Re: [ecf-dev] BBAPI source code repository.

I just want to make sure...I just loaded in the attached project set
file (in 3.3M3) and it loaded in and everything compiled just fine.

Hmm... in a new workspace I also didn't get any errors. I'll
investigate tomorrow, it's already past midnight here :)

PS. I noteced a cool feature in 3.3M3 -- you don't have to download
the project set file first any more. If you enter a http:// url in the
file chooser, it gets downloaded to the temp directory and the file
chooser will choose that temp file. But the download seems to take an
awfully long time that way. This was on winxp.

But you are talking about other plugin references using Import-Package
rather than Require-Bundle for org.eclipse.ecf.core.util...right?


RE: Peter are proabably referring to this:

Probably, don't remember which exact blog entry I was referring to.

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