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Re: [ecf-dev] Simple chat app

Hi Tim,

I must be blind.

I managed to get a chat server running now. It was easy after looking at

Well, it still isn't easy enough (we know this and are working on that as much as possible...both with docs and moving the server over to servlet container incubator work).

Will try making clients tomorrow. In Eclipse, can I
somehow read from stdin? I'd like to test a chat client without making a
gui first. Is that possible when running the clients from within eclipse
or do I have to start the clients in a console? 
The Eclipse colalb client is fully gui enabled.  There is, however, a trivial ISharedObjectContainer client that can be run *outside* of Eclipse (as a java application)...that will talk with ecftcp:// or your own server.

It's in org.eclipse.ecf.provider plugin, in

This client can run outside of Eclipse (as a java application).  See the javadoc comments at the top.

There's a server application in this package too:

There already is a simple chat app in org.eclipse.ecf.test plugin, in org.eclipse.ecf.test.sharedobjects.Chat (this is an ISharedObject).  Sorry I didn't mention this I had forgotten about this class (even though I had written it).  It should get you going with a simple 'to the console' chat application.

Again sorry about the poor memory on my only excuse is 'busy days these days'.

If you create/build/modify this Chat application please let us know...we would like to add to the set of available example apps.



I'd like to make a
client that sends a message to the server.

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