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[ecf-dev] Simple chat app


I'd like to see how the example plugins are doing stuff. I have the
plugins in Eclipse, but there's no source code there. Can I get the
source code from somewhere?

I haven't found any documentation good or easy enough so I can get
started making a simple chat application. The javadocs could tell me
a lot, but there's nothing there telling me what features a package or
class contain.

What is org.eclipse.ecf.provider.generic? Generic for chat, for voip or
super generic for every single protocol?

I though ECF was only about low level stuff, but I was glad when I found
org.eclipse.ecf.ui.* in the javadocs. That's cool.

How would I go about making a simple chat application (not using irc/im
protocols)? Is provider.generic for this? Do I need a provider? Is there
any provider I could use for this or do I need to make my own?

Thanks, Tim

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