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Re: [ecf-dev] Developing a share drawing/chat RCP application in 20 minutes

Hi All,

I think such a screen cast is a great idea. I propose we organize a small team to do this over the next few weeks.
Happily, we have all the major pieces for this already...e.g.

1) The rcpchat ECF IM client application:
2) Hyperbola from Jeff/Jean-Michel's book (which, incidently, I believe would be easy to retrofit with ECF as I've already examined the code) 3) A very simple whiteboard app written for the ECF tutorial called 'scribbleshare' (org.eclipse.ecf.tutorial plugin). The classes could easily be used/reused/integrated/enhanced in the context of a new RCP client
4) All the plugins underlying 1,2,3 (of course)

Are there others able/willing to participate? Please just chime in on this list, and I'll coordinate.
I'll also create a CVS module and some stub/entry point plugins.

I put a placeholder page on the ECF wiki:



Jeff McAffer wrote:

FWIW, the Eclipse RCP Book ( develops a full chat application from scratch and goes into great detail on all the RCP-specific aspects. Unfortunately we did not use ECF as we were not aligned when the code was written. Would be interesting to see how Hyperbola (the chat application) could be retro fitted with ECF...


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[ecf-dev] Developing a share drawing/chat RCP application in 20 minutes



I've been lurking here for a while and I think this is a really cool
project. I haven't found the time yet to dig into ECF and RCP, but I
hope I will soon.

What about making a "Developing a drawing and chatting RCP application
in 20 minutes" screencast? Actually I don't care about the minutes, but
20 seem rather common  :)

Such a screencast would
1) Give a quick introduction to how one would implement such an application.
  (Watching a screencast is much more fun than reading a tutorial)
2) Show that these heavy frameworks are actually quite powerful and
  easy to use.

I love screencasts. An ECF one would be really cool. Does anyone have
time doing one? It'd be really great.

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