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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF now using Equinox servlet incubator

Hmmm...not able to login w/ that user. 

I think we need to ask your employer for some sponsorship for ECE?  Is
this possible?

Yes, really the non-participation has been due to me.  I've gone from a role of being "the eclipse guy" to managing a team and assuming a major part in the design of my company's next generation product line.  A 2-week "proof of concept" project in January is turning into a little universe unto itself, and has been sucking away all my time.  That said, I definitely want to contribute.  My boss is very hands-off, so there are no problems there.  It would just mean me working a little later, which I'm absolutely willing to do. 

It would be more effective for me for you to just assign me some work.  As you know, I'm best at UI work, but am willing to dig into whatever needs to be done.


On 3/4/06, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Ken,

username:  admin
password:  3eRth8

Take a look but please don't stop or start any of the it
may bring down the server.

I would like to get you (and others) reengaged with ECF...the project is
getting more visibility now and more usage and so we're in desperate
need of additional work by committers (e.g. to do VOIP
softphone/asterisk, app sharing for NASA, user accounts and UI with
equinox security, etc., etc).

I'll be at EclipseCon starting Sat evening, and am giving a tutorial
(ECF) on monday and a short talk later in the week.  Let's do arrange
lunch, dinner, or something.  I'll try to get together an all-ECF
committer thing with some emails over the next few days (but even that
takes a fair amount of my time these days, which is why I haven't been
doing it in favor of actually moving the codebase forward with releases
and getting other projects to commit to using ECF...e.g. equinox,
Corona, NASA, etc).

I know you are busy with your paying work Ken (as I am, believe me) but
I think we need to ask your employer for some sponsorship for ECE?  Is
this possible?



Ken Gilmer wrote:

> This looks very cool Scott.  I would like the pwd to the console to
> check it out.  It's been awhile since we've been in contact...  Looks
> like you and the others have been doing some great stuff!  I imagine
> you'll be at EclipseCon this year.  Looks like I'll be going and
> taking my team as well.  I'm sure you're busy but maybe we can arrange
> a lunch or dinner to catch up...
> -Ken
> On 3/4/06, *Scott Lewis* <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto: slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     ECF is now successfully using the equinox incubator 'embedding in
>     servlet container' work (described here:
> )  to run an ECF
>     generic
>     collaboration server.
>     We run this collaboration server continuously at
>     <> so that
>     people can easily try out the ECF example collaboration app features
>     with 'live' people (rather than just localhost).  It used to be
>     running
>     as a simple java app, but now is running within a tomcat container via
>     the most excellent work by Simon Kaegi and others.
>     I just thought people on this list might like to know that we're
>     running
>     such a server using the equinox incubator.  We're also using the
>     http-console bundle for admin...for example if you want to see the
>     login
>     screen just go to:
>     (we need to password protect this public server, so if you want to see
>     the whole http console interface just send me a note and I'll send
>     password).
>     Thanks Simon and all!  We're looking forward to developing modular,
>     easily integrateable and updateable messaging servers using
>     OSGI/PDE/equinox/ECF...
>     Scott
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