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[ecf-dev] ECF now using Equinox servlet incubator

ECF is now successfully using the equinox incubator 'embedding in servlet container' work (described here: to run an ECF generic collaboration server. We run this collaboration server continuously at so that people can easily try out the ECF example collaboration app features with 'live' people (rather than just localhost). It used to be running as a simple java app, but now is running within a tomcat container via the most excellent work by Simon Kaegi and others.

I just thought people on this list might like to know that we're running such a server using the equinox incubator. We're also using the http-console bundle for admin...for example if you want to see the login screen just go to:

(we need to password protect this public server, so if you want to see the whole http console interface just send me a note and I'll send password).

Thanks Simon and all! We're looking forward to developing modular, easily integrateable and updateable messaging servers using OSGI/PDE/equinox/ECF...


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