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[ecf-dev] ECF 0.5.4 stable build

ECF 0.5.4 stable build now available here:
See here for a brief description of new stuff:

See below for a couple of items of project team interest, but not yet part of release build so not in current docs.


Project News Items:

1) New plugin: org.eclipse.ecf.example.clients. This plugin will be a
home for simple example clients. Currently just XMPPClient, but more
simple clients(using other providers, etc) are soon to follow. This
plugin was not in the 0.5.4 build, but it will be in future builds and can be accessed right now via CVS. See for anon CVS access.

2) Eclipse monkey project for javascript scripting of Eclipse is going
to work with ECF: There is
already a simple XMPP Client available for Dash-based javascript
programs. As soon as Eclipse Monkey code is available via CVS the ECF
javascriptable xmpp client will be made available via the ECF CVS area.

3) To test the shared editor features, I (Scott) typically connect the
org.eclipse.ecf project to the default collab group
'ecftcp://'. If you also connect to this
collab group via the org.eclipse.ecf project in your workspace (via
project context menu->ECF->Connect Project...), then shared editing will
happen appropriately for the contents of org.eclipse.ecf project.

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