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[ecf-dev] DataShare updates


I replaced the previous, unfinished DataShare codebase with what we've affectionately come to call DataShare2. This means that projects org.eclipse.ecf.datashare2 and org.eclipse.ecf.example.datashare2.hello are now empty and eligible for removal from CVS. The example app is not completely migrated to ECF -- it still uses the toy RMI implementation.

The API itself is minimally documented, but the RMI implementation and example app are not (and it would be useful to point out the challenges they uncover). I'll try to do that as time permits (and interest demands).

The example app is basically a view that allows the connected parties to collaboratively "edit" a simple collection of strings. Because it runs off the RMI implementation, you don't need to be connected to an ECF group to run it.

Next steps:

1. create a default provider adapter implementing the DataShareService.
2. create an example shared EMF editor



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