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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF v0.5.0

Hi Scott,

Many thanks for your reply.  It's great to see the amount of activity going on here.

> Carl do you have any visibility into the Borland team that's working on
> the real-time code editing?  I have approached them in the past about
> participation on ECF, but unfortunately it didn't go very far.  It seems
> to me as if they could benefit from participation in ECF (e.g. by
> getting a framework for interoperability and by having their work and
> products be exposed/promoted via ECF), and ECF would benefit from their
> probably very good work on the editing UI and synchronization policies.

I have infrequent email contact with a couple of the project managers within Borland.  These were contacts I originally established through my university. 

They seemed quite interested in my previous work towards making Together Architect collaborative, but are not open to working with me in any form.  They also did not mention that they were at the time working on a collaborative version of JBuilder, but I guess this was kept quiet for commercial reasons.

The people that I talk to (very infrequently) within Borland pointed out the ECF project to me (that's how I found out about it).  But, they certainly didn't give me the impression that they wanted to get involved in it as far as I could tell.

On a different note, I see that CanyonBlue is now a consortium member.  They provide a rather flash collaborative UML editor (called Konesa:, and I'm surprised that they have not been in touch.  Konesa also is interoperable with Oracle's JDeveloper (another consortium member).

What interests me at this stage is what Microsoft are up to with Visual Studio.  Given that Oracle, Sun, Borland, and, to a lesser degree, IBM, all have collaborative features within their IDEs, Microsoft has been pretty quiet...

> > Keep up the great work, and when I finally finish this phd of mine I
> > will be very keen to start writing some tools, etc.

> Thanks.  Please post to this list and/or the ECF newsgoup about your
> progress and please remain in touch.

Will do.

Interesting times!

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