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[ecf-dev] ECF v0.5.0


ECF version 0.5.0 stable is now available.

See for download/install options. The preferred download/install technique is to use the ECF update site. See the instructions for this and other approaches on the downloads page.

There will soon (next day) be a New and Noteworthy for this release, but it's not yet finished.

Please all send your appreciation to Pete Mackie (pete@xxxxxxxxxxxx) for putting together a most excellent automated build process for the ECF project. This has made the rapid creation of a new version of the ECF features and plugins almost trivial...and will allow us to soon begin having daily integration build done by one of the ECF servers, along with more frequent ECF stable build releases. The framework Pete put together is also generalizable across projects, so those interested should contact him about using this automated build framework for other projects.


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